About Us

Treedy is a global, environmentally conscious social website that connects individuals, businesses and groups who are interested in the environment – in order to build closer ties and facilitate green action with a common denominator.
Individuals can easily highlight their conservation activities to create awareness for the projects they conduct and support. In this way, Treedy empowers users to discuss, debate and develop ideas in real time, while simultaneously providing a space in which groups define and build environmental projects together.
With built-in smart assistance, the network also enables the user to develop new relationships, manage existing ones and be easily linked to other users who share their interests – by providing information based on each user’s unique behaviour.
Nonetheless, Treedy is community grounded in trust and confidence, where data security and privacy are of the utmost importance, Helping users to understand, manage and protect their personal information, Treedy not only aids users in making more informed decisions about the environment, but it also opens the way for more direct and specific environmental action.
Treedy has a very broad distribution network helping both consumers and business clients in many different sectors.